About Us

The goal of the Victoria-Taiama Partnership is to improve the well-being of the people of Taiama and surrounding areas in Sierra Leone through education and health services particularly for women and children.

Our registered charity was formed in 2003 to improve the learning conditions of the children in Taiama, Sierra Leone. Over time our focus expanded to include health and education programs. With generous donations from the Victoria and Vancouver communities, we have built ten classrooms, a well, a garden, and a block of latrines and a health center.


Program Areas:


Our goal is to help the people of Taiama become self-sufficient and to decrease poverty through supporting girls and women’s education. This includes supporting educational opportunities and services at Ahmadiyya Primary and Secondary School (construction of 10 classrooms completed in 2010).

Academic Education including scholarships, uniforms and school supplies.

  • Continue to build a scholarship program for 50 girls aged 12-20 at the Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary levels;

Job Training for Women and Girls including skills training in soap making, gardening, fabric art and small business loans.

  • Implement a vocational skills training program for 20 women.

Much of the education and training programs are funded through the Zoe Gardner Foundation


Maternal and Child Health

Our goals are to help the people of Taiama improve the life expectancy of mothers and infants through:

  • Promoting health education programs at Judy Smith Health Education Centre;
  • Support treatment and access to medical supplies at the Center.
  • Provide a clean and safe space for delivering babies.

Eye Health and Post Ebola Outreach

Our goal for this program is to improve the health and well-being of women and children and those that have survived ebola through the providing an eye health program. This includes:

  • Taiama and surrounding area eye treatment and eye health education program through the Judy Smith Health Education Centre;
  • Ebola survivor eye health and treatment program to support those affected by post-ebola syndrome.

Our mission is to improve the health, and social well-being of the people of Taiama and the surrounding area in Sierra Leone, through education.